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Northern Michigan is Awesome — Here’s Why!

by Britten HR 08/05/2016

Often a mere destination, we at Britten have made Northern Michigan our home. We feel fortunate to call one of the most beautiful regions in America our permanent residence. There are a lot of reasons to love Northern Michigan,—like for instance, Britten Studios is located here!—but here are a few specifics as to what makes it so awesome!

Paul's Corner, August 2016

by Britten Studios 08/04/2016

Spectacular Stadium Graphics:

In downtown Detroit, the towering entrance graphic above Ford Field provides a dramatic statement as enthusiastic Lions fans make their way into the stadium.

Almost 8,000 square feet of decal is applied to the glass each year!

Paul's Corner, July 2016

by Paul Britten 07/12/2016

While we love working on big projects all across the country, Summer is truly a special time here in northern Michigan and we'd like to showcase a couple of recent projects from right here in our own backyard!

We're always happy to have our customers come visit, too. Please drop us a line if you'll be in the area!

The 90th Annual National Cherry Festival:

Another Cherry Festival is in the books, and over half a million people  visited the Grand Traverse region in the first eight days of July. With so much to see and do, Britten was on hand to add some large format color to go with the Fireworks and Blue Angels air shows, the parades and the concerts, the pie eating contests, and everything in between.

Attendees of the Festival passed underneath the magnificent entrance archway that marked the entrance to the open space, and light pole banners could be seen all along Grand Traverse bay. Keeping pedestrians and motorists safe were the long runs of fence scrim on either side of Grandview Parkway.

Defeating Mother Nature

by Britten Studios 07/07/2016

You can’t always avoid the wrath of Mother Nature.

Screen Printing: A Primer

by Britten Studios 06/20/2016

We at Britten know that the dating world can oftentimes feel confusing, humbling, and occasionally downright backward. We would like to offer a little bit of advice that has always helped us in the past. Good rapport starts with good conversation and good conversation starts with print. Few things are more interesting than ink and the various methods that a person can apply it. Ask any of our spouses. Ink just works. 

Refresh your Brand: Do it Now

by Rachel Tompkins 06/13/2016

In their heart of hearts, people believe that things will and should get better. Perhaps we’ve become spoiled by a lifetime of ever-improving technology, or maybe we all secretly accept the idea that things get easier for each successive generation.

Paul's Corner, June 2016

by Paul Britten 06/10/2016

Campus Light Pole Banners:

At the end of the collegiate year, many graduating students are attending commencement ceremonies. And a great way to build school pride is with a well crafted banner program seen everywhere across campus.

Your light pole banners can be switched out in the fall to greet incoming students with a back-to-school campaign, or rebranded to increase attendance at sporting events in the upcoming semester!

The Makeover: Office Edition

by Britten Studios 06/06/2016

Picture yourself about to step into your office. Coffee in hand, you feel the slight chill of morning still clinging to your skin. The subdued jingling of keys enters the air as you unlock the door, your mind already organizing the daily priorities. You open the door and see, what most people see; familiar walls, familiar flooring, and decorations that you have learned to ignore. 

Demystified: Resolution

by Britten Studios 05/30/2016

In your youth, you, like most kids, probably experimented with getting as absolutely close to your television screen as possible. Did you press your face against it? Did your mother yell from the next room? Did you try to give the on-screen characters a small kiss? When you were up close, becoming a little too intimate with the screen, you probably noticed that instead of one cohesive image, the television was actually a mosaic of very small squares. Cheek smashed, you were close enough to make out the individual pixels.

Printing Substrates and Creativity

by Britten Studios 05/23/2016

A lot of the time, the more constraints or obstructions a creative person has, the more impressive the final product. This seems counter-intuitive, yet most professional creatives embrace this lesson and use it to their advantage. Limitless options can often feel overwhelming. Complete freedom can stifle. Sometimes, the most amazing ideas emerge when a person gets backed into a creative corner. The more limitations (so long as they aren’t completely overbearing), the more a motivated creative works to craft something unique. It can feel absolutely liberating to juke and shift under a seemingly impossible restriction in order to squeeze out an unforeseen perspective. The end result ends up feeling more like a breakthrough than a chore.

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